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Hydraulic seals

120 Variants
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(2) Static sealcolon NBR  Polyurethane (PUR)  (2) Support ringcolon acetal resin / PTBR  (2) Guide ringcolon acetal resin  (1) Sleevecolon Steel  (2) Sealcolon PUR  (1) Sealcolon fabric-reinforced NBR  (3) Back ringcolon acetal resin  (1) Dynamic sealcolon PTBR  (2) Sealcolon fabric-reinforced NBR  (3) Support ringcolon acetal resin / PTBR  (1) Dynamic sealcolon PUR  (1) Guide ringcolon acetal resin  (2) Wipercolon PUR  (3) Support ringcolon Polyester  Acetal resin + glass fibre  NBR 90 Shore A  (1) Sealcolon FPM  (1) Sealcolon NBR  (1) Sealcolon PUR  (1) Thrust ringcolon laminated fabric-reinforced NBR  FPM  NBR - Acrylic-nitrile, butadiene rubber  Steel back onto which a porous bronze layer is sintered  (1) Chevron ringcolon 1 x NBR, + 2 x fabric-reinforced NBR  (1) Static sealcolon NBR  (1) Support ringcolon NBR  (2) Chevron ringcolon 2 x NBR + 3 x fabric-reinforced NBR  (2) Wipercolon NBR 90 Shore A  (3) Guide ringcolon acetal resin  (3) Thrust ringcolon laminated fabric-reinforced NBR  CuSn8 bronze  Guide ringcolon Polyester resin - synthetic fibre fabric laminate with graphite  NBR 75 Shore A  PU 93 Shore A  PUR 90 Shore A  Phenol resin-cotton fabric  Sealcolon NBR 90 Shore A  a PTFE lead mixture is subsequently rolled into the bronze layer  fabric-reinforced NBR  (1) Dynamic sealcolon H-PU D55  (1) Dynamic sealcolon PA + glass fibre  (1) Metallic wiper lipcolon Brass (INOX on request)  (1) Pre-load ringcolon NBR  (1) Sealcolon NBR with fabric reinforcement on both sides  (1) Sealcolon PU10  (2) Chevron ringcolon fabric-reinforced NBR  (2) Dynamic sealcolon PTBR  (2) Dynamic sealcolon PU  (2) Elastomer wiper lipcolon NBR (FPM on request)  (2) Sealcolon NBR  (2) Support ringcolon POM  (3) Seeger ringcolon acetal resin  (3) Sleevecolon steel (INOX on request)  (4) Back ringcolon acetal resin  (4) Distance piecescolon steel (INOX on request)  (4) Sealcolon fabric-reinforced NBR  (4) Seeger ringcolon acetal resin  (4) Support ringcolon acetal resin / PTBR  Dynamic sealcolon PTFE  FPM-C  FPM-K  NBR 85 Shore A, with steel core  PTBR  Phenol resin-synthetic fibre fabric laminate with PTFE  Polyester  Support ringcolon POM  Thrust ringcolon laminated fabric-reinforced NBR  Wipercolon FPM  Wipercolon PA + MoS2  the POM acetal resin is subsequently rolled into the bronze layer 
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120 Variants
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